Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to work with Millennials?

Last article, we talked about who is Generation Z, the future workforce?  Have you ever wondered that which name for current workforce?

Millennials or Generation Y is current labor, that born from 1980 to 2000, before Gen Z. How to wok with the Millennials effectively? are they completely same to their parents at workplace?

Below are some helpful tips for you:

1. Offer More Flexibility: 
Work-life balance is one of the most significant drivers of employee retention among Millennials. This tech-savvy generation is essentially able to work anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection. Thus, seemingly arbitrary work hours or having to sit at a desk all day is less appealing to them.

2. Explain The Company Vision: 
Millennial workers are more likely to look for meaning and impact in their work and aren’t satisfied simply punching a clock. Helping them understand their role in a larger plan gives them a clearer sense of purpose.

3. Provide Education And Professional Development: 
Most Millennials are hungry and want to advance. Assigning stretch projects, bringing in speakers or sending employees to leadership conferences will be especially helpful for those millennial workers interested in learning and growing their skills.

4. Prioritize Community Service: 
Millennials place a higher priority on helping people in need than having a high-paying career. Allowing employees to form committees and use company resources or time to organize their causes meets their desire for social consciousness.

5. Give Them Time For Personal Projects:
Offer employees time to work on a project of their choosing. This will help Millennials feel more engaged and in control and also can boost innovation within the company

6. Give Encouragement And Regular Feedback: 
This generation responds well to encouragement and immediate feedback. Make it clear from the beginning that you reward good work, and then keep an open line of communication to let them know how they’re doing and how they can improve.

7. Develop In-Between Steps And Titles:
Millennials are especially eager to progress in their careers and less willing to wait three to five years for a promotion. By developing in-between steps and titles, managers can meet their desire for career progression.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Generation Z - the next workforce

Generation Z or Gen Z is generation born between 1995 and 2009, who goes by many nickname such as The Silent Generation, The Internet generation, The iGeneration, Generation Now, The Google Generation.

Here are a few of the habits of Generation Z: 

Daily life 
They want everything, everywhere and immediately. They surf on two screens simultaneously. They don't mind paying through the nose for the latest smart phone but turn up their nose at paying for a film or a song when you can get that for free online.
Aged 13 to 20, they get all the latest trends from social media and find the morals of their elders out-of-date.
Their fashions are those found worldwide over the web: they watch American blockbusters like "Hunger Games" or "Divergent", listen to Korean K-pop and, when they dance, they "twerk".
When they speak, their vocabulary is peppered with acronyms, incomprehensible to those not in the know. "Swag" is the new "cool".
And their new idols are Internet stars, like PewDiePie, who has the world's most subscribed YouTube channel.

What they know
Even as young as they are, they have already seen so many technologies become obsolete. For this reason, they have become the ultimate "self-educators", learning how to use new stuff via self-help videos on YouTube.
As for the web, violence, porn, they've already seen it all.

People from Generation Z find it easier to talk online than in person. Their friends on social media are as important to them as their friends in real life but sometimes they do actually meet up in person with these "virtual" pals.
More than eight out of 10 are hooked on social networks and more than half of them think that this is where their real social life takes place.
They are on dating websites from the age of 16 -- sometimes before.

Generation Z at work 
This is a generation that wants to create their own company -- between 50 percent and 72 percent want to run their own start-up.
The idea of "business" brings up negative responses: "complicated", "brutal", "a jungle".
They believe success comes from their "network" rather than from qualifications and they prefer a flat organization to a hierarchy at work.
They want to succeed and achieve, with 76 percent aiming to make their hobby their job.

What they watch 
According to US consultancy Sparks and Honey, the average Generation Z-er spends more than three hours a day in front of a screen.
They live in constant "FOMO", fear of missing out. They can't stand the idea of not being in the loop when something new and exciting comes out.
Facebook is their main poison, despite its flagging popularity among some Americans. Photos on Instagram, quick messages on Snapchat. Twitter and Tumblr are omnipresent.
But it's not all passive: Generation Z are also putting themselves out there on YouTube or "Vlogging" (video blogging), hoping to become the next "Fred" (Lucas Cruikshank), who made his name at the grand old age of 13.
Everyone surfs the web while watching the TV and they think that everything is possible with technology. But, they have a short attention span and tend to skim-read rather than read properly, which can lead to difficulty at school.

The future of Generation Z 
These are children of the crisis and it shows in their outlook. Most of them say they are "stressed out" by what they see as a bleak future, especially in terms of economy and environment.
Given the same pay, 25 percent of the Generation Z in France would choose the most "fun" company, 22 percent the most innovative and 21 percent the most ethical.
But like any idealistic generation, they want to change the world and love the idea of volunteer work, which a quarter of Americans in their late teens are already doing.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd in 2nd Vietnam manpower recruitment

Successfully arranging the recruitment campaign of over one hundred candidates for A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd with the vacancies of Welders, steel fixers, shuttering carpenters, plasterers and tillers

Last 10th January 2015, Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading Joint Stock Company (VMST) was very honor to welcome the delegates of A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd to come Vietnam for the direct interviews and trade tests with candidates supplied by VMST.

A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd Contracting Co. ltd has the first classification in the Kingdom in the field of construction and mechanical works. With the vision to establish the highest standards of competition while maintaining a professional service and values in each sector they work in, A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd has been achieving to be the contractors of lots of projects in the government as well as private sector.

To meet the requirement for a large number of projects over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd recognize the importance of increasing the number and quality of the staffs and workers for the company.

Satisfying with the quality and work performance of Vietnamese workers supplied by Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading JSC since 2009, A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd decided to continue choosing VMST to be the main Manpower Supplier for their requirement this time.

Thanks to the scientific recruitment process and the cooperation of clients, the interviews and trade tests have been implemented successfully.
Below are some pictures from the trade test:
Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

We, Vietnam Manpower Service and Trading JSC (VMST) would like to show the gratitude to the trust and cooperation of A.S.Alsayed & Partners Contracting Co. ltd in this recruitment campaign.  We hope to establish the long-term cooperation between two parties in the coming time.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alan Chocolate Factory in Vietnam manpower recruitment

Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Joint Stock Company (VMST) has successfully arranged the placement of over 50 workers for Alan Chocolate Factory last December 2014
On 3rd December 2014, VMST was much honored to welcome Representative of Alan Chocolate Factory to come Vietnam to visit our office and had the meeting with us about their manpower demand.
Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Alan Chocolate Factory has been known as one of the leading Chocolate Production Units in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Being equipped with latest technology machines and high capacity of production, Alan Chocolate Factory always achieves the clients’ satisfaction with high quality chocolates.
Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

To fulfill the increasing requirement about the quality and quantity of products from customers, Alan Chocolate Factory needs to increase the number of their skilled workers. After deeply researching a lot of manpower agencies in Vietnam and further discussion via the direct meeting with Board of our managers, Alan Chocolate factory has chosen VMST to be the manpower supplier for their demand.
Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

After coming to the agreement, it’s the honor for VMST to be authorized to recruit over 50 Vietnamese workers to work for Alan Chocolate Factory.
VMST would like to say Thank You for the trust and appreciation of Alan Chocolate Factory in this cooperation. We are also very happy to know that Alan Chocolate Factory is satisfied with the quality and skill of workers supplied by us. We hope to establish the long-term relation with you in the coming time.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

VMST cooperate with Alkakand Restaurant in hospitality manpower supply

Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Joint  Stock Company (VMST) has supported Alkakand Restaurant in staff selection on last October 2014.

In the field of hospitality industry, VMST is striving to expand the service and provide more and more kinds of hospitality manpower for clients.

Last October 2014, we are honored to be on behalf of Alkakand Restaurant from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Vietnam organizing the interview and select the best candidates for the vacancies of cleaners and waiters.

Pictures of workers from the interview and at the new working place:
Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

Vietnam manpower supply from VMST

With the careful preparation and the cooperation of candidates, VMST has implemented successfully the interview. At last, the most qualified candidates with good language skills and meeting the requirements of client were selected.